Reviews, Heaven's Drumhead

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Heaven's Drumhead by Herb McClees

 ...a literary trail of discovery sharing fifty years in the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of a man, a blessed drummer indeed, which gives cause to explore one's own life and values! 
Clark Crouch-- author and publisher

Thank you, Herb, for composing such thoughtful, sensitively phrased poems.
David D. Horowitz -- poet, Sky Above the Temple, and publisher, Rose Alley Press

I give Heaven’s Drumhead a WWR award: "well worth reading."
Tracy Leddy -- author of October on Nantucket, Allison’s Shadow and
The Song of Everything

Herb McClees embraces small details of life in a collection of poems, some song lyrics and Haiku.  Several poems resonate with graceful authentic tenderness and often include clever word choices that celebrate life and spirituality. Recommended.
 —Christopher J. Jarmick - author (The Glass Cocoon), poet (Ignition-2010; Not Aloud -2015).

With the precision of an engineer and the heart of a poet, this poetry reflects a lifetime of experiences. The sequence of the poems brings a new beauty that encourages the reader to pause and consider life’s experiences of birth to death and back to life.  The uncanny threading of haiku here and there is an unexpected invitation to ‘Wait, did you see this?’ or ‘Think of that! The direct language and diverse forms demonstrate an intelligence and heart of the poet that makes this collection of poems a pleasure to read.
J. Glenn Evans -- poet, novelist and political activist